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The Oman Tourism Directory, an official publication of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, serves as a comprehensive guide for tourists visiting Oman. This directory covers essential categories such as accommodations, tour operators, tour guides, restaurants, and shopping.

It provides valuable information, including general details and essential tips to help tourists navigate the country comfortably. The directory also highlights top sightseeing spots catering to various interests, offering in-depth insights into the mystic beauty that envelops Oman. Detailed information about forts, museums, and souqs is presented in the Sightseeing segment.

To enhance convenience, tourists can now easily search for information based on specific governorates, enabling them to plan their visits more efficiently. Accommodations are neatly categorized into hotels, hotel apartments, and resorts, while dining options, registered tour operators, and tour guides are listed for each governorate.

The +968: Oman Tourism Directory stands as a comprehensive and user-friendly resource. Whether for leisure, holidays, or weekends, both tourists and locals can rely on it to explore the enchanting beauty of Oman and create enduring memories. This elaborate guide ensures easy access to information, making it an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to discover the allure of this captivating land.

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